Commit 5d04603b authored by Joachim Breitner's avatar Joachim Breitner
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Remove eta-expansion in Rules.match

It validates and nofib shows no change, so possibly dead code. Removing in the
interest of code cleanliness, someone disagrees please revert (and preferably
add a testcase, or at least describe the situation this is important in in a
parent cde88e20
......@@ -681,14 +681,6 @@ match renv subst (Lam x1 e1) e2
, rv_fltR = delBndr (rv_fltR renv) x2 }
in match renv' subst e1 e2
-- Eta expansion the other way
-- M ~ (\y.N) iff M y ~ N
match renv subst e1 (Lam x2 e2)
= match renv' subst (App e1 (varToCoreExpr new_x)) e2
(rn_env', new_x) = rnEtaR (rv_lcl renv) x2
renv' = renv { rv_lcl = rn_env' }
match renv subst (Case e1 x1 ty1 alts1) (Case e2 x2 ty2 alts2)
= do { subst1 <- match_ty renv subst ty1 ty2
; subst2 <- match renv subst1 e1 e2
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