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Fix big character literal printing in External Core

Characters bigger than '\xff' should be represented as int
literals in External Core. (This was originally fixed five years ago
and broken again four and a half years ago...)
parent 35549002
......@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@ import StaticFlags
import IO
import FastString
import Data.Char
emitExternalCore :: DynFlags -> NameSet -> CgGuts -> IO ()
emitExternalCore dflags exports cg_guts
| opt_EmitExternalCore
......@@ -160,7 +162,12 @@ make_alt a@(DEFAULT,_ ,_) = pprPanic ("MkExternalCore: make_alt: DEFAULT "
make_lit :: Literal -> C.Lit
make_lit l =
case l of
MachChar i -> C.Lchar i t
-- Note that we need to check whether the character is "big".
-- External Core only allows character literals up to '\xff'.
MachChar i | i <= chr 0xff -> C.Lchar i t
-- For a character bigger than 0xff, we represent it in ext-core
-- as an int lit with a char type.
MachChar i -> C.Lint (fromIntegral $ ord i) t
MachStr s -> C.Lstring (unpackFS s) t
MachNullAddr -> C.Lint 0 t
MachInt i -> C.Lint i t
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