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Update the user guide so it talks about the newer "do rec" notation everywhere

Some of the problems highlighted in trac #3968.
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......@@ -910,9 +910,15 @@
<entry>Enable <link linkend="recursive-do-notation">recursive do notation</link>.</entry>
<entry>Enable <link linkend="mdo-notation">recursive do (mdo) notation</link>.</entry>
<entry>Enable <link linkend="mdo-notation">recursive do (mdo) notation</link>. This is deprecated; please use <link linkend="recursive-do-notation">recursive do notation</link> instead.</entry>
......@@ -911,7 +911,7 @@ it, you can use the <option>-XNoNPlusKPatterns</option> flag.
<!-- ===================== Recursive do-notation =================== -->
<sect2 id="mdo-notation">
<sect2 id="recursive-do-notation">
<title>The recursive do-notation
......@@ -1047,7 +1047,7 @@ It supports rebindable syntax (see <xref linkend="rebindable-syntax"/>).
<sect3> <title> Mdo-notation (deprecated) </title>
<sect3 id="mdo-notation"> <title> Mdo-notation (deprecated) </title>
<para> GHC used to support the flag <option>-XRecursiveDo</option>,
which enabled the keyword <literal>mdo</literal>, precisely as described in
......@@ -1697,7 +1697,7 @@ and the fixity declaration applies wherever the binding is in scope.
For example, in a <literal>let</literal>, it applies in the right-hand
sides of other <literal>let</literal>-bindings and the body of the
<literal>let</literal>C. Or, in recursive <literal>do</literal>
expressions (<xref linkend="mdo-notation"/>), the local fixity
expressions (<xref linkend="recursive-do-notation"/>), the local fixity
declarations of a <literal>let</literal> statement scope over other
statements in the group, just as the bound name does.
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