Commit 5ecb4445 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-07-28 15:42:48 by simonmar]

- Remove -fno-cpr, which doesn't exist
- remove redundancy in description of -fno-full-laziness
parent c6e3daca
...@@ -941,13 +941,6 @@ ...@@ -941,13 +941,6 @@
<entry>-</entry> <entry>-</entry>
</row> </row>
<entry>Turn off CPR analysis</entry>
<row> <row>
<entry><option>-fno-cse</option></entry> <entry><option>-fno-cse</option></entry>
<entry>Turn off common sub-expression</entry> <entry>Turn off common sub-expression</entry>
...@@ -957,7 +950,7 @@ ...@@ -957,7 +950,7 @@
<row> <row>
<entry><option>-fno-full-laziness</option></entry> <entry><option>-fno-full-laziness</option></entry>
<entry>Turn off full laziness (floating bindings outwards). It is on by default.</entry> <entry>Turn off full laziness (floating bindings outwards).</entry>
<entry>dynamic</entry> <entry>dynamic</entry>
<entry>-ffull-laziness</entry> <entry>-ffull-laziness</entry>
</row> </row>
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