Commit 5f96d5b2 authored by dterei's avatar dterei

SafeHaskell: Require implicit imports to be safe

parent 83d2f75b
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ safeDirectImpsReq = safeLanguageOn
-- | Are all implicit imports required to be safe for this SafeHaskell mode?
-- Implicit imports are things in the prelude. e.g System.IO when print is used.
safeImplicitImpsReq :: DynFlags -> Bool
safeImplicitImpsReq _ = False
safeImplicitImpsReq = safeLanguageOn
-- | Combine two SafeHaskell modes correctly. Used for dealing with multiple flags.
-- This makes SafeHaskell very much a monoid but for now I prefer this as I don't
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