Commit 60762c67 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Add some comments on the alternative layout rule state

parent 8e8068df
......@@ -1499,10 +1499,19 @@ data PState = PState {
context :: [LayoutContext],
lex_state :: [Int],
-- Used in the alternative layout rule:
-- These tokens are the next ones to be sent out. They are
-- just blindly emitted, without the rule looking at them again:
alr_pending_implicit_tokens :: [Located Token],
-- This is the next token to be considered or, if it is Nothing,
-- we need to get the next token from the input stream:
alr_next_token :: Maybe (Located Token),
-- This is what we consider to be the locatino of the last token
-- emitted:
alr_last_loc :: SrcSpan,
-- The stack of layout contexts:
alr_context :: [ALRContext],
-- Are we expecting a '{'? If it's Just, then the ALRLayout tells
-- us what sort of layout the '{' will open:
alr_expecting_ocurly :: Maybe ALRLayout
-- last_loc and last_len are used when generating error messages,
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