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Comments only (concerning rewrite rules)

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......@@ -228,8 +228,13 @@ data CoreRule
ru_name :: RuleName, -- and suchlike. It has no free variables.
ru_fn :: Name, -- Name of the Id at
-- the head of this rule
ru_nargs :: Int, -- Number of args that ru_try expects
ru_nargs :: Int, -- Number of args that ru_try expects,
-- including type args
ru_try :: [CoreExpr] -> Maybe CoreExpr }
-- This function does the rewrite. It given too many
-- arguments, it simply discards them; the returned CoreExpr
-- is just the rewrite of ru_fn applied to the first ru_nargs args
-- See Note [Extra args in rule matching] in Rules.lhs
isBuiltinRule (BuiltinRule {}) = True
isBuiltinRule _ = False
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