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Remove last use of entryLblToInfoLbl

parent 0c217ca0
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ module CLabel (
entryLblToInfoLbl, cvtToClosureLbl,
needsCDecl, isAsmTemp, maybeAsmTemp, externallyVisibleCLabel,
isCFunctionLabel, isGcPtrLabel, labelDynamic,
......@@ -500,18 +500,7 @@ mkPlainModuleInitLabel :: Module -> CLabel
mkPlainModuleInitLabel mod = PlainModuleInitLabel mod
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Converting between info labels and entry/ret labels.
entryLblToInfoLbl :: CLabel -> CLabel
entryLblToInfoLbl (IdLabel n c (Entry lcl)) = IdLabel n c (InfoTable lcl)
entryLblToInfoLbl (IdLabel n c ConEntry) = IdLabel n c ConInfoTable
entryLblToInfoLbl (IdLabel n c StaticConEntry) = IdLabel n c StaticInfoTable
entryLblToInfoLbl (CaseLabel n CaseReturnPt) = CaseLabel n CaseReturnInfo
entryLblToInfoLbl (CmmLabel m str CmmEntry) = CmmLabel m str CmmInfo
entryLblToInfoLbl (CmmLabel m str CmmRet) = CmmLabel m str CmmRetInfo
entryLblToInfoLbl l
= pprPanic "CLabel.entryLblToInfoLbl" (pprCLabel l)
-- Brutal method of obtaining a closure label
cvtToClosureLbl (IdLabel n c (InfoTable _)) = IdLabel n c Closure
cvtToClosureLbl (IdLabel n c (Entry _)) = IdLabel n c Closure
......@@ -384,7 +384,8 @@ add_CopyOuts protos procPoints g = foldGraphBlocks mb_copy_out (return mapEmpty)
splitAtProcPoints :: CLabel -> ProcPointSet-> ProcPointSet -> BlockEnv Status ->
CmmTop -> FuelUniqSM [CmmTop]
splitAtProcPoints entry_label callPPs procPoints procMap
(CmmProc (TopInfo {info_tbl=info_tbl, stack_info=stack_info})
(CmmProc (TopInfo {info_tbl=info_tbl,
top_l g@(CmmGraph {g_entry=entry})) =
do -- Build a map from procpoints to the blocks they reach
let addBlock b graphEnv =
......@@ -405,11 +406,14 @@ splitAtProcPoints entry_label callPPs procPoints procMap
-- * Labels for their new procedures
-- * Labels for the info tables of their new procedures (only if the proc point is a callPP)
-- Due to common blockification, we may overestimate the set of procpoints.
let add_label map pp = return $ Map.insert pp (lbl, mb_info_lbl) map
where lbl = if pp == entry then entry_label else blockLbl pp
mb_info_lbl = guard (setMember id callPPs) >> Just (entryLblToInfoLbl lbl)
procLabels <- foldM add_label Map.empty
(filter (flip mapMember (toBlockMap g)) (setElems procPoints))
let add_label map pp = Map.insert pp lbls map
where lbls | pp == entry = (entry_label, Just entry_info_lbl)
| otherwise = (blockLbl pp, guard (setMember pp callPPs) >> Just (infoTblLbl pp))
entry_info_lbl = case info_tbl of
CmmInfoTable entry_info_label _ _ _ _ -> entry_info_label
CmmNonInfoTable -> pprPanic "splitAtProcPoints: looked at info label for entry without info table" (ppr pp)
procLabels = foldl add_label Map.empty
(filter (flip mapMember (toBlockMap g)) (setElems procPoints))
-- For each procpoint, we need to know the SP offset on entry.
-- If the procpoint is:
-- - continuation of a call, the SP offset is in the call
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