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Document typechecking of pattern bindings

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......@@ -793,6 +793,28 @@ for a non-overloaded function.
@tcMonoBinds@ deals with a perhaps-recursive group of HsBinds.
The signatures have been dealt with already.
Note [Pattern bindings]
The rule for typing pattern bindings is this:
p = e
where 'p' binds, and 'e' may mention,
typechecks exactly like
x = e -- Inferred type
v1 = case x of p -> v1
vn = case x of p -> vn
Note that
(f :: forall a. a -> a) = id
should not typecheck because
case id of { (f :: forall a. a->a) -> f }
will not typecheck.
tcMonoBinds :: TcSigFun -> LetBndrSpec
-> RecFlag -- Whether the binding is recursive for typechecking purposes
......@@ -1113,8 +1113,7 @@ tcPatSig ctxt sig res_ty
-- that should be brought into scope
; if null sig_tvs then do {
-- The type signature binds no type variables,
-- and hence is rigid, so use it to zap the res_ty
-- Just do the subsumption check and return
wrap <- tcSubType PatSigOrigin ctxt res_ty sig_ty
; return (sig_ty, [], wrap)
} else do {
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