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Fix Trac #4099: better error message for type functions

Now we only want about "T is a type function and might not be
injective" when matchin (T x) against (T y), which is the case
that is really confusing.
parent 31c7568b
......@@ -1622,15 +1622,20 @@ misMatchMsg env0 (ty_act, ty_exp)
msg = sep [sep [ptext (sLit "Couldn't match expected type") <+> pp_exp,
nest 7 $
ptext (sLit "against inferred type") <+> pp_act],
nest 2 (extra_exp $$ extra_act),
nest 2 (vcat (map pp_open_tc (nub open_tcs)))]
nest 2 (extra_exp $$ extra_act $$ extra_tyfun) ]
-- See Note [Non-injective type functions]
(env2, msg)
open_tcs = [tc | TyConApp tc _ <- [ty_act, ty_exp]
, isOpenTyCon tc ]
= case (tcSplitTyConApp_maybe ty_act, tcSplitTyConApp_maybe ty_exp) of
(Just (tc_act,_), Just (tc_exp,_)) | tc_act == tc_exp
-> if isOpenSynTyCon tc_act then pp_open_tc tc_act
else WARN( True, ppr tc_act) -- If there's a mis-match, then
empty -- it should be a family
_ -> empty
pp_open_tc tc = ptext (sLit "NB:") <+> quotes (ppr tc)
<+> ptext (sLit "is a type function") <> pp_inj
......@@ -1663,16 +1668,6 @@ It's very confusing to get a message like
so pp_open_tc adds:
NB: `Depend' is type function, and hence may not be injective
Currently we add this independently for each argument, so we also get
Couldn't match expected type `a'
against inferred type `Dual (Dual a)'
NB: `Dual' is a (non-injective) type function
which is arguably redundant. But on the other hand, it's probably
a good idea for the programmer to know the error involves type functions
so I've left it in for now. The obvious alternative is to only add
this NB in the case of matching (T ...) ~ (T ...).
Warn of loopy local equalities that were dropped.
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