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[project @ 2003-08-18 09:23:09 by dons]

OpenBSD x86 has finally moved to ELF.
So it no longer needs a leading underscore on symbols.
However, like FreeBSD, it tries to be friendly, and accept it
anyway. So we have to hard code it.
parent dc659a71
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.124 2003/08/14 15:43:22 simonmar Exp $
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.125 2003/08/18 09:23:09 dons Exp $
dnl Extra autoconf macros for the Glasgow fptools
......@@ -106,6 +106,8 @@ dnl a leading underscore sometimes (eg. FreeBSD). We therefore have
dnl to work around this by checking for *no* leading underscore first.
dnl Sigh. --SDM
dnl Similarly on OpenBSD, but this test doesn't help. -- dons
[AC_CHECK_LIB(elf, nlist, LIBS="-lelf $LIBS")dnl
AC_CACHE_CHECK([leading underscore in symbol names], fptools_cv_lead_uscore,
......@@ -119,6 +121,11 @@ dnl the underscoredness of that "platform"
changequote(<<, >>)dnl
case $HostPlatform in
*openbsd*) # x86 openbsd is ELF from 3.4 >, meaning no leading uscore
case $build in
i386-*2\.[[0-9]] | i386-*3\.[[0-3]] ) fptools_cv_lead_uscore='yes' ;;
*) fptools_cv_lead_uscore='no' ;;
esac ;;
alpha-dec-osf*) fptools_cv_lead_uscore='no';;
*cygwin32) fptools_cv_lead_uscore='yes';;
*mingw32) fptools_cv_lead_uscore='yes';;
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