Commit 6a02f280 authored by rwbarton's avatar rwbarton Committed by thoughtpolice
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Fix build on non-unicode locale

happy reads .y files with the system encoding, so keep Parser.y.pp ASCII.
Signed-off-by: thoughtpolice's avatarAustin Seipp <>
parent a54ace7b
......@@ -2249,8 +2249,8 @@ hintExplicitForall span = do
forall <- extension explicitForallEnabled
rulePrag <- extension inRulePrag
unless (forall || rulePrag) $ parseErrorSDoc span $ vcat
[ text "Illegal symbol '' in type"
[ text "Illegal symbol '\x2200' in type" -- U+2200 FOR ALL
, text "Perhaps you intended -XRankNTypes or similar flag"
, text "to enable explicit-forall syntax: <tvs>. <type>"
, text "to enable explicit-forall syntax: \x2200 <tvs>. <type>"
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