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[project @ 2005-05-26 21:37:13 by simonpj]


Put back in a missing case for higher-rank types. When the
definition is
	a) non-recursive
	b) a function binding
	c) lacks a type signature
we want to *infer* a perhaps-higher-rank type for the RHS,
before making a monomorphically-typed Id for the LHS.

E.g. 	f = \(x :: forall a. a->a) -> (x True, x 'c')

This case got lost in the transition to 6.4

tc194 tests it
parent ac95e0c6
......@@ -121,6 +121,7 @@ tcHsBootSigs [HsBindGroup binds sigs _]
= do { sigma_ty <- tcHsSigType (FunSigCtxt name) ty
; return (mkVanillaGlobal name sigma_ty vanillaIdInfo) }
-- Notice that we make GlobalIds, not LocalIds
tcHsBootSits groups = pprPanic "tcHsBootSigs" (ppr groups)
badBootDeclErr :: Message
badBootDeclErr = ptext SLIT("Illegal declarations in an hs-boot file")
......@@ -456,6 +457,22 @@ tcMonoBinds :: LHsBinds Name
-> TcM (LHsBinds TcId, [MonoBindInfo])
tcMonoBinds binds lookup_sig is_rec
| isNonRec is_rec, -- Non-recursive, single function binding
[L b_loc (FunBind (L nm_loc name) inf matches)] <- bagToList binds,
Nothing <- lookup_sig name -- ...with no type signature
= -- In this very special case we infer the type of the
-- right hand side first (it may have a higher-rank type)
-- and *then* make the monomorphic Id for the LHS
-- e.g. f = \(x::forall a. a->a) -> <body>
-- We want to infer a higher-rank type for f
setSrcSpan b_loc $
do { (matches', rhs_ty) <- tcInfer (tcMatchesFun name matches)
; mono_name <- newLocalName name
; let mono_id = mkLocalId mono_name rhs_ty
; return (unitBag (L b_loc (FunBind (L nm_loc mono_id) inf matches')),
[(name, Nothing, mono_id)]) }
| otherwise
= do { tc_binds <- mapBagM (wrapLocM (tcLhs lookup_sig)) binds
-- Bring (a) the scoped type variables, and (b) the Ids, into scope for the RHSs
......@@ -538,6 +555,9 @@ tcLhs lookup_sig bind@(PatBind pat grhss _)
; return [ (name, lookup_sig name, mono_id)
| (name, mono_id) <- names `zip` mono_ids] }
tcLhs lookup_sig other_bind = pprPanic "tcLhs" (ppr other_bind)
-- AbsBind, VarBind impossible
tcRhs :: TcMonoBind -> TcM (HsBind TcId)
tcRhs (TcFunBind info fun'@(L _ mono_id) inf matches)
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