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[project @ 2001-07-06 14:24:18 by simonmar]

add these files in The Other Place too
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-- !!! this test exposed a bug in the take/putMVar implementation in
-- !!! GHC 5.00. It involves multiple blocking takes & puts on the
-- !!! same MVar.
import Concurrent
import IOExts
awk True True z = 1
awk False y True = 2
awk x False False = 3
awk'1 True True z = 1
awk'2 False y True = 2
awk'3 x False False = 3
awk' x y z | ppm [a1'1,a1'2,a1'3] (x,y,z) = awk'1 x y z
| ppm [a2'1,a2'2,a2'3] (x,y,z) = awk'2 x y z
| ppm [a3'1,a3'2,a3'3] (x,y,z) = awk'3 x y z
| otherwise = 0
a1'1 (True,y,z) s = s True
a1'1 (x,y,z) s = s False
a1'2 (x,True,z) s = s True
a1'2 (x,y,z) s = s False
a1'3 (x,y,z) s = s True
a2'1 (False,y,z) s = s True
a2'1 (x,y,z) s = s False
a2'2 (x,y,z) s = s True
a2'3 (x,y,True) s = s True
a2'3 (x,y,z) s = s False
a3'1 (x,y,z) s = s True
a3'2 (x,False,z) s = s True
a3'2 (x,y,z) s = s False
a3'3 (x,y,False) s = s True
a3'3 (x,y,z) s = s False
ppm fs as = unsafePerformIO (ppm' fs as)
ppm' fs as = do m <- newEmptyMVar
let s = putMVar m
hs <- sequence [forkIO (f as s)|f <- fs]
result <- assess (length fs) m
sequence (map killThread hs)
return result
where assess 0 m = return True
assess n m = do h <- takeMVar m
if h then (assess (n-1) m)
else return False
main = do sequence [putStrLn (show (awk' x y z))|(x,y,z) <- args]
where args = [
t = True
f = False
n = odd (last [1..])
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