Commit 6dceb65b authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

fix ref to utils/ext-core, which moved to Hackage (extcore package)

parent 8d05e337
......@@ -2210,9 +2210,8 @@ statements or clauses.
<filename>.hcr</filename>. The Core format is described in <ulink url="../../core.pdf">
<citetitle>An External Representation for the GHC Core Language</citetitle></ulink>,
and sample tools
for manipulating Core files (in Haskell) are in the GHC source distribution
directory under <literal>utils/ext-core</literal>.
Note that the format of <literal>.hcr</literal>
for manipulating Core files (in Haskell) are available in the
<ulink url="">extcore package on Hackage</ulink>. Note that the format of <literal>.hcr</literal>
files is <emphasis>different</emphasis> from the Core output format that GHC generates
for debugging purposes (<xref linkend="options-debugging"/>), though the two formats appear somewhat similar.</para>
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