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[project @ 2001-05-31 09:37:23 by simonmar]

Clarify the situation with GHCi object files, and add instructions for
building one from a .a file.
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......@@ -80,6 +80,19 @@
tell the compiler when it should make an inter-DLL call
rather than an intra-DLL call (inter-DLL calls require an
extra indirection).</para>
<para>Versions of the Haskell libraries for use with GHCi
may also be included: GHCi cannot load <literal>.a</literal>
files directly, instead it will look for an object file
called <filename>HSfoo.o</filename> (the object suffix
varies between platforms, as usual) and load that. An
object file can be built from a <literal>.a</literal>
archive as follows (using GNU <command>ld</command> on
ld -r --whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a
......@@ -266,6 +279,42 @@
package, with the <literal>.a</literal> or
<literal>.dll</literal> suffix omitted. On Unix, the
<literal>lib</literal> prefix is also omitted.</para>
<para>For use with GHCi, each library should have an
object file too. The name of the object file does
<emphasis>not</emphasis> have a <literal>lib</literal>
prefix, and has the normal object suffix for your
<para>For example, if we specify a Haskell library as
<filename>HSfoo</filename> in the package spec, then the
various flavours of library that GHC actually uses will be
<para>The name of the library on Unix
<para>The name of the dynamic library on Windows
<para>The object version of the library used by
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