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Add types of implicit parameters as untouchable

This is a tricky point:
   see Note [Implicit parameter untouchables]
parent 4e40d888
......@@ -121,13 +121,13 @@ tcLocalBinds (HsValBinds binds) thing_inside
tcLocalBinds (HsIPBinds (IPBinds ip_binds _)) thing_inside
= do { (given_ips, ip_binds') <- mapAndUnzipM (wrapLocSndM tc_ip_bind) ip_binds
; let ip_tvs = foldr (unionVarSet . tyVarsOfType . idType) emptyVarSet given_ips
-- If the binding binds ?x = E, we must now
-- discharge any ?x constraints in expr_lie
; (ev_binds, result) <- checkConstraints (IPSkol ips)
emptyVarSet [] -- No skolem tyvars and hence
-- no need for envt tyvars
given_ips $
ip_tvs -- See Note [Implicit parameter untouchables]
[] given_ips $
; return (HsIPBinds (IPBinds ip_binds' ev_binds), result) }
......@@ -142,8 +142,20 @@ tcLocalBinds (HsIPBinds (IPBinds ip_binds _)) thing_inside
; ip_id <- newIP ip ty
; expr' <- tcMonoExpr expr ty
; return (ip_id, (IPBind (IPName ip_id) expr')) }
Note [Implicit parameter untouchables]
We add the type variables in the types of the implicit parameters
as untouchables, not so much because we really must not unify them,
but rather because we otherwise end up with constraints like this
Num alpha, Implic { wanted = alpha ~ Int }
The constraint solver solves alpha~Int by unification, but then
doesn't float that solved constraint out (it's not an unsolved
wanted. Result disaster: the (Num alpha) is again solved, this
time by defaulting. No no no.
tcValBinds :: TopLevelFlag
-> HsValBinds Name -> TcM thing
-> TcM (HsValBinds TcId, thing)
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