Commit 6ff6895e authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Add deepseq as a core package; part of #5468

parent e18f03a1
...@@ -400,8 +400,8 @@ $(eval $(call addPackage,base)) ...@@ -400,8 +400,8 @@ $(eval $(call addPackage,base))
$(eval $(call addPackage,filepath)) $(eval $(call addPackage,filepath))
$(eval $(call addPackage,array)) $(eval $(call addPackage,array))
$(eval $(call addPackage,bytestring)) $(eval $(call addPackage,bytestring))
$(eval $(call addPackage,containers))
$(eval $(call addPackage,deepseq)) $(eval $(call addPackage,deepseq))
$(eval $(call addPackage,containers))
$(eval $(call addPackage,Win32,($$(Windows),YES))) $(eval $(call addPackage,Win32,($$(Windows),YES)))
$(eval $(call addPackage,unix,($$(Windows),NO))) $(eval $(call addPackage,unix,($$(Windows),NO)))
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