Commit 739bb3ef authored by Sergey Vinokurov's avatar Sergey Vinokurov Committed by Ben Gamari

Fix typo

(cherry picked from commit 37e78029845a04d0ab4cc05e1790c648facdcb1f)
parent 1cd5d6cd
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ takeMVar :: MVar a -> IO a
takeMVar (MVar mvar#) = IO $ \ s# -> takeMVar# mvar# s#
-- |Atomically read the contents of an 'MVar'. If the 'MVar' is
-- currently empty, 'readMVar' will wait until its full.
-- currently empty, 'readMVar' will wait until it is full.
-- 'readMVar' is guaranteed to receive the next 'putMVar'.
-- 'readMVar' is multiple-wakeup, so when multiple readers are
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