Commit 73b98445 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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make sure libraries/dph/ is included after the other DPH

files, so that it can refer to variables defined there.  (necessary,
but perhaps not sufficient, to fix the DPH build bugs)
parent aed43f7a
......@@ -616,7 +616,10 @@ endif
# ----------------------------------------------
# Actually include all the's
include $(patsubst %, %/, $(BUILD_DIRS))
# BUILD_DIRS_EXTRA needs to come after BUILD_DIRS, because stuff in
# libraries/dph/ refers to stuff defined earlier, in particular
# things like $(libraries/dph/dph-base_dist-install_GHCI_LIB)
include $(patsubst %, %/, $(BUILD_DIRS) $(BUILD_DIRS_EXTRA))
# A useful pseudo-target (must be after the include above, because it needs
# the value of things like $(libraries/base_dist-install_v_LIB).
......@@ -27,9 +27,13 @@
# add P to the list of packages
define extra-packages
# Collects some dirs containing files that we need to include:
$$(foreach p,$$(patsubst libraries/%,%,$$(wildcard $$(shell grep '^[^ #][^ ]* \+\(dph\|extra\) \+[^ ]\+ \+[^ ]\+$$$$' packages | sed 's/ .*//'))),\
$$(if $$(wildcard libraries/$$p/ghc-packages),\
$$(eval BUILD_DIRS += libraries/$$p) \
$$(eval BUILD_DIRS_EXTRA += libraries/$$p) \
$$(foreach q,$$(shell cat libraries/$$p/ghc-packages2),$$(eval $$(call extra-package,$$p,$$p/$$q))),\
$$(eval $$(call extra-package,$$p,$$p)))\
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