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<chapter id="ghci">
<title>Using runghc</title>
<para>runghc allows you to run Haskell programs without first having
to compile them.</para>
<sect1 id="ghci-introduction">
<para>The runghc commandline looks like:</para>
runghc [runghc flags] [GHC flags] module [program flags]
<para>The only runghc flag currently is
<literal>-f /path/to/ghc</literal>,
which tells runghc which GHC to use to run the program. If it is
not given then runghc will search for GHC in the directories in the
system search path.</para>
<para>runghc will try to work out where the boundaries between
<literal>[runghc flags]</literal> and
<literal>[GHC flags]</literal>, and
<literal>[GHC flags]</literal> and
<literal>module</literal> are, but you can use a
<literal>--</literal> flag if it doesn't get it right. For example,
<literal>runghc -- -fglasgow-exts Foo</literal> means runghc
won't try to use <literal>glasgow-exts</literal> as the path to GHC,
but instead will pass the flag to GHC.
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