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Massive patch for the first months work adding System FC to GHC #29

Broken up massive patch -=chak
Original log message:  
This is (sadly) all done in one patch to avoid Darcs bugs.
It's not complete work... more FC stuff to come.  A compiler
using just this patch will fail dismally.
parent 8e2c0b76
......@@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ rnExpr (HsArrForm op fixity cmds)
returnM (HsArrForm op' fixity cmds', fvOp `plusFV` fvCmds)
rnExpr other = pprPanic "rnExpr: unexpected expression" (ppr other)
-- DictApp, DictLam, TyApp, TyLam
-- HsCoerce
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