Commit 7a87dab5 authored by's avatar

Remove a now-redundant hack

parent 0a51aa5e
......@@ -1831,17 +1831,6 @@ parseDynamicFlagsFull activeFlags cmdline dflags0 args = do
throwGhcExceptionIO (CmdLineError ("combination not supported: " ++
intercalate "/" (map wayDesc theWays)))
-- TODO: This is an ugly hack. Do something better.
-- -fPIC affects the CMM code we generate, so if
-- we are in -dynamic-too mode we need -fPIC to be on during the
-- shared part of the compilation.
let doingDynamicToo = gopt Opt_BuildDynamicToo dflags3
platform = targetPlatform dflags3
dflags4 = if doingDynamicToo
then foldr setGeneralFlag' dflags3
(wayGeneralFlags platform WayDyn)
else dflags3
TODO: This test doesn't quite work: We don't want to give an error
when e.g. compiling a C file, only when compiling Haskell files.
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