Commit 7afa90fe authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove left-over bits of extralib support

parent ed100fb3
......@@ -799,10 +799,7 @@ SRC_DIST_FILES += \
aclocal.m4 README ANNOUNCE HACKING LICENSE Makefile install-sh \ ghc.spec VERSION boot
EXTRA_LIBS=$(patsubst %, $(SRC_DIST_NAME)/%, $(shell grep -E "extralibs|dph" packages | grep -v "^\#" | sed "s/ .*//"))
SRC_DIST_TARBALL = ghc-$(ProjectVersion)-src.tar.bz2
SRC_DIST_EXTRALIBS_TARBALL = ghc-$(ProjectVersion)-src-extralibs.tar.bz2
echo $(ProjectVersion) >VERSION
......@@ -849,8 +846,6 @@ sdist-prep :
.PHONY: sdist
sdist : sdist-prep
$(RM) -rf $(EXTRA_LIBS)
$(TAR) chf - $(SRC_DIST_NAME) 2>$src_log | bzip2 >$(TOP)/$(SRC_DIST_TARBALL)
sdist-manifest : $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL)
......@@ -861,7 +856,6 @@ sdist-manifest : $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL)
# over SSH.
ifneq "$(PublishLocation)" ""
publish-sdist :
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) $(SRC_DIST_EXTRALIBS_TARBALL) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
$(call nTimes,10,$(PublishCp) $(SRC_DIST_TARBALL) $(PublishLocation)/dist)
......@@ -46,18 +46,6 @@ libraries/terminfo packages/terminfo darcs
libraries/unix packages/unix darcs
libraries/utf8-string packages/utf8-string darcs
libraries/Win32 packages/Win32 darcs
libraries/HUnit extralibs packages/HUnit darcs
libraries/QuickCheck extralibs packages/QuickCheck darcs
libraries/haskell-src extralibs packages/haskell-src darcs
libraries/html extralibs packages/html darcs
libraries/network extralibs packages/network darcs
libraries/parsec extralibs packages/parsec darcs
libraries/parallel extralibs packages/parallel darcs
libraries/regex-base extralibs packages/regex-base darcs
libraries/regex-compat extralibs packages/regex-compat darcs
libraries/regex-posix extralibs packages/regex-posix darcs
libraries/stm extralibs packages/stm darcs
libraries/xhtml extralibs packages/xhtml darcs
libraries/dph dph packages/dph darcs
testsuite testsuite testsuite darcs
nofib nofib nofib darcs
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