Commit 7be5b44d authored by's avatar

Fix dynlib paths in the RTS too; part of #7833

parent 92f36df4
......@@ -203,6 +203,7 @@ $$(rts_$1_LIB) : $$(rts_$1_OBJS) $$(rts_$1_DTRACE_OBJS) rts/dist/libs.depend $$(
"$$(rts_dist_HC)" -package-name rts -shared -dynamic -dynload deploy \
-no-auto-link-packages $$(LIBFFI_LIBS) `cat rts/dist/libs.depend` $$(rts_$1_OBJS) \
$$(rts_$1_DTRACE_OBJS) -o $$@
$(call relative-dynlib-references,rts,dist,1)
$$(rts_$1_LIB) : $$(rts_$1_OBJS) $$(rts_$1_DTRACE_OBJS)
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