Commit 7cbe34f9 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Improve documentation of -ticky a little

parent e9d3e28a
......@@ -2521,6 +2521,13 @@
<entry>For linking, this simply implies <option>-debug</option>;
see <xref linkend="ticky-ticky"/>.</entry>
<entry>Enable runtime event tracing</entry>
......@@ -1771,7 +1771,7 @@ Options:
<para>Because ticky-ticky profiling requires a certain familiarity
with GHC internals, we have moved the documentation to the
wiki. Take a look at its <ulink
GHC developers wiki. Take a look at its <ulink
of the profiling options</ulink>, which includeds a link to the
ticky-ticky profiling page.</para>
......@@ -1442,8 +1442,7 @@ $ ./a.out +RTS --info
<literal>-threaded</literal> option) and <literal>rts_p</literal>
(profiling runtime, i.e. linked using the <literal>-prof</literal>
option). Other variants include <literal>debug</literal>
(linked using <literal>-debug</literal>),
<literal>t</literal> (ticky-ticky profiling) and
(linked using <literal>-debug</literal>), and
<literal>dyn</literal> (the RTS is
linked in dynamically, i.e. a shared library, rather than statically
linked into the executable itself). These can be combined,
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