Commit 7cc35327 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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fix a space leak

parent 19f903bc
......@@ -317,10 +317,11 @@ rnValBindsRHSGen trim bound_names (ValBindsIn mbinds sigs) = do
sigs' <- renameSigs (Just (mkNameSet bound_names)) okBindSig sigs
-- rename the RHSes
binds_w_dus <- mapBagM (rnBind (mkSigTvFn sigs') trim) mbinds
let (anal_binds, anal_dus) = depAnalBinds binds_w_dus
(valbind', valbind'_dus) = (ValBindsOut anal_binds sigs',
usesOnly (hsSigsFVs sigs') `plusDU` anal_dus)
return (valbind', valbind'_dus)
case depAnalBinds binds_w_dus of
(anal_binds, anal_dus) ->
do let valbind' = ValBindsOut anal_binds sigs'
valbind'_dus = usesOnly (hsSigsFVs sigs') `plusDU` anal_dus
return (valbind', valbind'_dus)
rnValBindsRHSGen _ _ b = pprPanic "rnValBindsRHSGen" (ppr b)
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