Commit 7cec6c7b authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Change which files --make thinks are 'Haskellish' (#10220)

`.hspp` and `.hscpp` are haskell files that have already been preprocessed.

Treat `.hspp` and `.hscpp` as Haskellish sources again, as they were before
commit a10e1990. This way, ghc --make will load their imports.

Make sure that `.cmm` and `.cmmcpp` are still not treated as Haskellish,
by moving them out of `haskell_src_suffixes` (but still keeping them in
haskellish_suffixes, though I'm not sure what the purpose of that group

Reviewed By: austin

Differential Revision:
parent d4cf7051
......@@ -279,11 +279,14 @@ phaseInputExt StopLn = "o"
haskellish_src_suffixes, haskellish_suffixes, cish_suffixes,
haskellish_user_src_suffixes, haskellish_sig_suffixes
:: [String]
-- When a file with an extension in the haskellish_src_suffixes group is
-- loaded in --make mode, its imports will be loaded too.
haskellish_src_suffixes = haskellish_user_src_suffixes ++
[ "hspp", "hscpp", "cmm", "cmmcpp" ]
[ "hspp", "hscpp" ]
haskellish_suffixes = haskellish_src_suffixes ++
[ "hc" ]
[ "hc", "cmm", "cmmcpp" ]
cish_suffixes = [ "c", "cpp", "C", "cc", "cxx", "s", "S", "ll", "bc", "lm_s", "m", "M", "mm" ]
-- Will not be deleted as temp files:
haskellish_user_src_suffixes =
haskellish_sig_suffixes ++ [ "hs", "lhs", "hs-boot", "lhs-boot" ]
......@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ doMake srcs = do
let (hs_srcs, non_hs_srcs) = partition haskellish srcs
haskellish (f,Nothing) =
looksLikeModuleName f || isHaskellUserSrcFilename f || '.' `notElem` f
looksLikeModuleName f || isHaskellSrcFilename f || '.' `notElem` f
haskellish (_,Just phase) =
phase `notElem` [ As True, As False, Cc, Cobjc, Cobjcxx, CmmCpp, Cmm
, StopLn]
module T10220 where
import T10220B
......@@ -427,3 +427,7 @@ test('T10219', normal, run_command,
# `-x hspp` in make mode should work.
# Note: need to specify `-x hspp` before the filename.
['{compiler} --make -x hspp T10219.hspp -fno-code -v0'])
test('T10220', normal, run_command,
# Preprocessed T10220.hspp imports T10220B. Should work in --make mode.
['{compiler} --make T10220.hspp -fno-code -v0'])
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