Commit 7db23406 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Print the correct name when complaining about SPECIALISE pragmas

Fixes Trac #8537
parent 2081bdcb
......@@ -701,15 +701,17 @@ tcSpecPrags poly_id prag_sigs
tcSpec :: TcId -> Sig Name -> TcM TcSpecPrag
tcSpec poly_id prag@(SpecSig _ hs_ty inl)
-- The Name in the SpecSig may not be the same as that of the poly_id
tcSpec poly_id prag@(SpecSig fun_name hs_ty inl)
-- The Name fun_name in the SpecSig may not be the same as that of the poly_id
-- Example: SPECIALISE for a class method: the Name in the SpecSig is
-- for the selector Id, but the poly_id is something like $cop
-- However we want to use fun_name in the error message, since that is
-- what the user wrote (Trac #8537)
= addErrCtxt (spec_ctxt prag) $
do { spec_ty <- tcHsSigType sig_ctxt hs_ty
; warnIf (not (isOverloadedTy poly_ty || isInlinePragma inl))
(ptext (sLit "SPECIALISE pragma for non-overloaded function")
<+> quotes (ppr poly_id))
<+> quotes (ppr fun_name))
-- Note [SPECIALISE pragmas]
; wrap <- tcSubType origin sig_ctxt (idType poly_id) spec_ty
; return (SpecPrag poly_id wrap inl) }
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