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Update the "Special built-in functions" docs

In particular, avoid referring the user to GHC.Prim; they generally
ought to use GHC.Exts instead.
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......@@ -9907,24 +9907,17 @@ r) ->
<sect1 id="special-ids">
<title>Special built-in functions</title>
<para>GHC has a few built-in functions with special behaviour. These
are now described in the module <ulink
in the library documentation.
<para>GHC has a few built-in functions with special behaviour.
In particular:
<ulink url="&libraryGhcPrimLocation;/GHC-Prim.html#v%3Ainline"><literal>inline</literal></ulink>
<ulink url="&libraryGhcPrimLocation;/GHC-Exts.html#v%3Ainline"><literal>inline</literal></ulink>
allows control over inlining on a per-call-site basis.
<ulink url="&libraryGhcPrimLocation;/GHC-Prim.html#v%3Alazy"><literal>lazy</literal></ulink>
<ulink url="&libraryGhcPrimLocation;/GHC-Exts.html#v%3Alazy"><literal>lazy</literal></ulink>
restrains the strictness analyser.
<ulink url="&libraryGhcPrimLocation;/GHC-Prim.html#v%3AunsafeCoerce%23"><literal>unsafeCoerce#</literal></ulink>
allows you to fool the type checker.
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