Commit 83a8fc9f authored by's avatar

Improve ASSERT

parent 13adf25f
......@@ -919,7 +919,7 @@ tcIfaceAlt scrut (tycon, inst_tys) (IfaceDataAlt data_occ, arg_strs, rhs)
; tcIfaceDataAlt con inst_tys arg_strs rhs }
tcIfaceAlt _ (tycon, inst_tys) (IfaceTupleAlt _boxity, arg_occs, rhs)
= ASSERT( isTupleTyCon tycon )
= ASSERT2( isTupleTyCon tycon, ppr tycon )
do { let [data_con] = tyConDataCons tycon
; tcIfaceDataAlt data_con inst_tys arg_occs rhs }
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