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user-guide: Use ghc-flag for dump formatting flags

And document -dth-dec-file. Not sure how these were missed.
parent b355b8fc
......@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@ Dumping out compiler intermediate structures
Dump Template Haskell expressions that we splice in, and what
Haskell code the expression evaluates to.
.. ghc-flag:: -dth-dec-file=<file>
Dump expansions of all top-level Template Haskell splices into ⟨file⟩.
.. ghc-flag:: -ddump-types
Dump a type signature for each value defined at the top level of
......@@ -226,32 +230,24 @@ Formatting dumps
.. index::
single: formatting dumps
.. index::
single: -dppr-user-length
.. ghc-flag:: -dppr-user-length
In error messages, expressions are printed to a certain "depth",
with subexpressions beyond the depth replaced by ellipses. This flag
sets the depth. Its default value is 5.
.. index::
single: -dppr-colsNNN
.. ghc-flag:: -dppr-cols=N
Set the width of debugging output. Use this if your code is wrapping
too much. For example: ``-dppr-cols200``.
too much. For example: ``-dppr-cols=200``.
.. index::
single: -dppr-case-as-let
.. ghc-flag:: -dppr-case-as-let
Print single alternative case expressions as though they were strict
let expressions. This is helpful when your code does a lot of
.. index::
single: -dno-debug-output
.. ghc-flag:: -dno-debug-output
Suppress any unsolicited debugging output. When GHC has been built
with the ``DEBUG`` option it occasionally emits debug output of
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