Commit 84e2f72a authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Simplify, and future-proof, a dependency in the build system

parent ac77a1eb
......@@ -738,11 +738,7 @@ $(eval $(call build-package,libraries/bin-package-db,dist-boot,0))
$(foreach pkg,$(STAGE0_PACKAGES),$(eval $(call fixed_pkg_dep,$(pkg),dist-boot)))
compiler/stage1/ : \
libraries/Cabal/dist-boot/ \
libraries/hpc/dist-boot/ \
libraries/extensible-exceptions/dist-boot/ \
compiler/stage1/ : $(fixed_pkg_prev)
# Make sure we have all the GHCi libs by the time we've built
# ghc-stage2. DPH includes a bit of Template Haskell which needs the
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