Commit 852154bd authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

simplify weak pointer processing

parent 4207605c
......@@ -127,14 +127,8 @@ traverseWeakPtrList(void)
info = w->;
if (IS_FORWARDING_PTR(info)) {
next_w = (StgWeak *)UN_FORWARDING_PTR(info);
*last_w = next_w;
switch (INFO_PTR_TO_STRUCT(info)->type) {
info = get_itbl(w);
switch (info->type) {
case WEAK:
/* Now, check whether the key is reachable.
......@@ -386,21 +380,17 @@ traverseBlackholeQueue (void)
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
After GC, the live weak pointer list may have forwarding pointers
on it, because a weak pointer object was evacuated after being
moved to the live weak pointer list. We remove those forwarding
pointers here.
Also, we don't consider weak pointer objects to be reachable, but
we must nevertheless consider them to be "live" and retain them.
Therefore any weak pointer objects which haven't as yet been
evacuated need to be evacuated now.
Evacuate every weak pointer object on the weak_ptr_list, and update
the link fields.
ToDo: with a lot of weak pointers, this will be expensive. We
should have a per-GC weak pointer list, just like threads.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
markWeakPtrList ( void )
StgWeak *w, **last_w, *tmp;
StgWeak *w, **last_w;
last_w = &weak_ptr_list;
for (w = weak_ptr_list; w; w = w->link) {
......@@ -408,10 +398,13 @@ markWeakPtrList ( void )
|| w-> == &stg_DEAD_WEAK_info
|| get_itbl(w)->type == WEAK);
tmp = w;
evacuate((StgClosure **)&tmp);
*last_w = w;
last_w = &(w->link);
evacuate((StgClosure **)last_w);
w = *last_w;
if (w-> == &stg_DEAD_WEAK_info) {
last_w = &(((StgDeadWeak*)w)->link);
} else {
last_w = &(w->link);
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