Commit 86b891f0 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

#3604: treat TH with -dynamic in the same way as -prof

That is, you have to build the library/program without -dynamic first,
to get plain object files, and then build it again with -dynamic.

I still need to check whether any changes to Cabal are required to
make this work.
parent 1ef67b97
......@@ -528,7 +528,16 @@ dieWith span msg = ghcError (ProgramError (showSDoc (mkLocMessage span msg)))
checkNonStdWay :: DynFlags -> SrcSpan -> IO (Maybe String)
checkNonStdWay dflags srcspan = do
let tag = buildTag dflags
if null tag || tag == "dyn" then return Nothing else do
if null tag {- || tag == "dyn" -} then return Nothing else do
-- see #3604: object files compiled for way "dyn" need to link to the
-- dynamic packages, so we can't load them into a statically-linked GHCi.
-- we have to treat "dyn" in the same way as "prof".
-- In the future when GHCi is dynamically linked we should be able to relax
-- this, but they we may have to make it possible to load either ordinary
-- .o files or -dynamic .o files into GHCi (currently that's not possible
-- because the dynamic objects contain refs to e.g. __stginit_base_Prelude_dyn
-- whereas we have __stginit_base_Prelude_.
let default_osuf = phaseInputExt StopLn
if objectSuf dflags == default_osuf
then failNonStd srcspan
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