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users-guide: A few fixes

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......@@ -2546,7 +2546,7 @@ Existentially quantified data constructors
.. ghc-flag:: -XExistentialQuantification
Allow the use of ``forall`` syntax.
Allow existentially quantified type variables in types.
The idea of using existential quantification in data type declarations
was suggested by Perry, and implemented in Hope+ (Nigel Perry, *The
......@@ -4958,6 +4958,8 @@ Relaxed rules for the instance head
.. ghc-flag:: -XFlexibleInstances
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XTypeSynonymInstances`
Allow definition of type class instances with arbitrary nested types in the
instance head.
......@@ -8443,6 +8445,8 @@ Lexically scoped type variables
.. ghc-flag:: -XScopedTypeVariables
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XRelaxedPolyRec`
Enable lexical scoping of type variables explicitly introduced with
......@@ -12517,6 +12521,8 @@ Strict-by-default pattern bindings
.. ghc-flag:: -XStrict
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-XStrictData`
Make bindings in the current module strict by default.
Informally the ``Strict`` language extension switches functions, data
......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ of ``-W(no-)*``.
.. ghc-flag:: -fdefer-type-errors
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-fdefer-typed-holes`
Defer as many type errors as possible until runtime. At compile time
you get a warning (instead of an error). At runtime, if you use a
value that depends on a type error, you get a runtime error; but you
......@@ -492,6 +494,8 @@ of ``-W(no-)*``.
.. ghc-flag:: -ffull-guard-reasoning
:implies: :ghc-flag:`-Wno-too-many-guards`
.. index::
single: guard reasoning, warning
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