Commit 87557580 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Simplify printing of boot-file mis-matches, by using PprTyThing.pprTyThing

parent acccbf36
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ import TcHsSyn
import TcExpr
import TcRnMonad
import TcEvidence
import Coercion( pprCoAxiom, pprCoAxBranch )
import PprTyThing( pprTyThing )
import Coercion( pprCoAxiom )
import FamInst
import InstEnv
import FamInstEnv
......@@ -850,20 +851,8 @@ bootMisMatch real_thing boot_thing
= vcat [ppr real_thing <+>
ptext (sLit "has conflicting definitions in the module"),
ptext (sLit "and its hs-boot file"),
ptext (sLit "Main module:") <+> ppr_mismatch real_thing,
ptext (sLit "Boot file: ") <+> ppr_mismatch boot_thing]
-- closed type families need special treatment, because they might differ
-- in their equations, which are not stored in the corresponding IfaceDecl
ppr_mismatch thing
| ATyCon tc <- thing
, Just (ClosedSynFamilyTyCon ax) <- synTyConRhs_maybe tc
= hang (ppr iface_decl <+> ptext (sLit "where"))
2 (vcat $ brListMap (pprCoAxBranch tc) (coAxiomBranches ax))
| otherwise
= ppr iface_decl
where iface_decl = tyThingToIfaceDecl thing
ptext (sLit "Main module:") <+> PprTyThing.pprTyThing real_thing,
ptext (sLit "Boot file: ") <+> PprTyThing.pprTyThing boot_thing]
instMisMatch :: ClsInst -> SDoc
instMisMatch inst
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