Commit 890616c0 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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More libraries/Makefile fixes

parent 5ed560ba
......@@ -180,11 +180,11 @@ cabal-bin: cabal-bin.hs
bootstrapping.conf: cabal-bin
echo "[]" > $@.tmp
-cd filepath && $(CABAL) clean --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd filepath && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$@.tmp
cd filepath && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$(HERE_ABS)/$@.tmp
cd filepath && $(CABAL) build --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd filepath && $(CABAL) install --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --inplace
-cd Cabal && $(CABAL) clean --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$@.tmp
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$(HERE_ABS)/$@.tmp
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) build --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) install --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --inplace
mv $@.tmp $@
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ clean: $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),clean.library.$(SUBDIR))
$(RM) -rf bootstrapping/*
$(RM) -f bootstrapping.conf bootstrapping.conf.old
$(RM) -f bootstrapping.conf.tmp bootstrapping.conf.tmp.old
$(RM) -f cabal-bin
$(RM) -f cabal-bin cabal-bin.exe
$(RM) -rf ifBuildable
$(RM) -rf installPackage
$(RM) -f libraries.txt index.html doc-index.html doc-index*.html
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