Commit 8a3ed336 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

Fix #3207: add has_side_effects = True for lots of primops

and document primOpHasSideEffects
parent 56aad1af
......@@ -380,6 +380,38 @@ primOpCanFail :: PrimOp -> Bool
And some primops have side-effects and so, for example, must not be
This predicate means a little more than just "modifies the state of
the world". What it really means is "it cosumes the state on its
input". To see what this means, consider
t = case readMutVar# v s0 of (# s1, x #) -> (S# s1, x)
y = case t of (s,x) -> x
... y ... y ...
Now, this is part of an ST or IO thread, so we are guaranteed by
construction that the program uses the state in a single-threaded way.
Whenever the state resulting from the readMutVar# is demanded, the
readMutVar# will be performed, and it will be ordered correctly with
respect to other operations in the monad.
But there's another way this could go wrong: GHC can inline t into y,
and inline y. Then although the original readMutVar# will still be
correctly ordered with respect to the other operations, there will be
one or more extra readMutVar#s performed later, possibly out-of-order.
This really happened; see #3207.
The property we need to capture about readMutVar# is that it consumes
the State# value on its input. We must retain the linearity of the
Our fix for this is to declare any primop that must be used linearly
as having side-effects. When primOpHasSideEffects is True,
primOpOkForSpeculation will be False, and hence primOpIsCheap will
also be False, and applications of the primop will never be
primOpHasSideEffects :: PrimOp -> Bool
#include "primop-has-side-effects.hs-incl"
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