Commit 8b733dea authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Decouple ghcpkg02 from the GHC build tree

parent 67a9cc8c
......@@ -155,18 +155,14 @@ shadow:
# every package we know about. This is for testing the pretty printing/parsing
# of InstalledPackageInfo.
COPY_PACKAGE_CONF = package.conf.copy
GHC_PKG_COPY = '$(GHC_PKG)' --no-user-package-conf --global-conf=$(COPY_PACKAGE_CONF)
# Hack: the testsuite is separate from the build tree now, we don't
# have a good way to do this.
INPLACE_DATA_DIR = $(TOP)/../inplace/lib
PACKAGE_CONF_ghcpkg02 = package.conf.ghcpkg02
GHC_PKG_ghcpkg02 = '$(GHC_PKG)' --no-user-package-conf --global-conf=$(PACKAGE_CONF_ghcpkg02)
cp -r $(INPLACE_DATA_DIR)/package.conf.d $(COPY_PACKAGE_CONF)
rm -rf $(PACKAGE_CONF_ghcpkg02)
$(GHC_PKG_ghcpkg02) init $(PACKAGE_CONF_ghcpkg02)
set -e; \
for i in `$(GHC_PKG_COPY) list --global --simple-output -v0`; do \
for i in `$(GHC_PKG) list --global --simple-output -v0`; do \
echo Updating $$i; \
$(GHC_PKG_COPY) describe --global $$i | $(GHC_PKG_COPY) update --global --force -; \
$(GHC_PKG) describe --global $$i | $(GHC_PKG_ghcpkg02) update --global --force -; \
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ test('ghcpkg01',
['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory ghcpkg01'])
extra_clean(['package.conf.copy', 'package.conf.copy.old'])],
extra_clean(['package.conf.ghcpkg02', 'package.conf.ghcpkg02.old'])],
['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory ghcpkg02'])
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