Commit 8c8dc051 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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emit a helpful error message for missing DPH packages

parent 47c0fd27
......@@ -359,6 +359,15 @@ comparing f a b = f a `compare` f b
packageFlagErr :: PackageFlag
-> [(PackageConfig, UnusablePackageReason)]
-> IO a
-- for missing DPH package we emit a more helpful error message, because
-- this may be the result of using -fdph-par or -fdph-seq.
packageFlagErr (ExposePackage pkg) [] | is_dph_package pkg
= ghcError (CmdLineError (showSDoc $ dph_err))
where dph_err = text "the " <> text pkg <> text " package is not installed."
$$ text "To install it: \"cabal install dph\"."
is_dph_package pkg = "dph" `isPrefixOf` pkg
packageFlagErr flag reasons = ghcError (CmdLineError (showSDoc $ err))
where err = text "cannot satisfy " <> ppr_flag <>
(if null reasons then empty else text ": ") $$
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