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Refactoring for valid rule checking

parent 23de2504
......@@ -335,15 +335,9 @@ rnHsRuleDecl (HsRule rule_name act vars lhs fv_lhs rhs fv_rhs)
rnLExpr lhs `thenM` \ (lhs', fv_lhs') ->
rnLExpr rhs `thenM` \ (rhs', fv_rhs') ->
mb_bad = validRuleLhs ids lhs'
checkErr (isNothing mb_bad)
(badRuleLhsErr rule_name lhs' mb_bad) `thenM_`
bad_vars = [var | var <- ids, not (var `elemNameSet` fv_lhs')]
mappM (addErr . badRuleVar rule_name) bad_vars `thenM_`
checkValidRule rule_name ids lhs' fv_lhs' `thenM_`
returnM (HsRule rule_name act vars' lhs' fv_lhs' rhs' fv_rhs',
fv_vars `plusFV` fv_lhs' `plusFV` fv_rhs')
......@@ -379,6 +373,16 @@ lambdas. So it seems simmpler not to check at all, and that is why
check_e is commented out.
checkValidRule rule_name ids lhs' fv_lhs'
= do { -- Check for the form of the LHS
case (validRuleLhs ids lhs') of
Nothing -> return ()
Just bad -> failWithTc (badRuleLhsErr rule_name lhs' bad)
-- Check that LHS vars are all bound
; let bad_vars = [var | var <- ids, not (var `elemNameSet` fv_lhs')]
; mappM (addErr . badRuleVar rule_name) bad_vars }
validRuleLhs :: [Name] -> LHsExpr Name -> Maybe (HsExpr Name)
-- Nothing => OK
-- Just e => Not ok, and e is the offending expression
......@@ -411,7 +415,7 @@ validRuleLhs foralls lhs
checkl_es es = foldr (seqMaybe . checkl_e) Nothing es
badRuleLhsErr name lhs (Just bad_e)
badRuleLhsErr name lhs bad_e
= sep [ptext SLIT("Rule") <+> ftext name <> colon,
nest 4 (vcat [ptext SLIT("Illegal expression:") <+> ppr bad_e,
ptext SLIT("in left-hand side:") <+> ppr lhs])]
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