Commit 8f080696 authored by Joachim Breitner's avatar Joachim Breitner
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Add Note [No alternatives lint check]

in a follow up to #10180.
parent 567db32b
......@@ -657,6 +657,7 @@ lintCoreExpr e@(Case scrut var alt_ty alts) =
; alt_ty <- lintInTy alt_ty
; var_ty <- lintInTy (idType var)
-- See Note [No alternatives lint check]
; when (null alts) $
do { checkL (not (exprIsHNF scrut))
(ptext (sLit "No alternatives for a case scrutinee in head-normal form:") <+> ppr scrut)
......@@ -715,6 +716,18 @@ kind coercions and produce the following substitution which is to be
applied in the type variables:
k_ag ~~> * -> *
Note [No alternatives lint check]
Case expressions with no alternatives are odd beasts, and worth looking at
in the linter.
Certainly, it would be terribly wrong if the scrutinee was already in head
normal form. That is the first check.
Furthermore, we should be able to see why GHC believes the scrutinee is
diverging for sure. That is the second check. see #10180.
* *
......@@ -2108,7 +2108,10 @@ rhsIsStatic platform is_dynamic_name cvt_integer rhs = is_static False rhs
-- | True if the type has no non-bottom elements
-- | True if the type has no non-bottom elements, e.g. when it is an empty
-- datatype, or a GADT with non-satisfiable type parameters, e.g. Int :~: Bool.
-- See Note [No alternatives lint check] for one use of this function.
isEmptyTy :: Type -> Bool
isEmptyTy ty
-- Data types with no constructors are empty
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