Commit 91b44bc5 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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A simple improvement to CSE

See Note [CSE for case expressions].  I don't think this is a big
deal, but it's nice, and it's easy.
parent 0831a12e
......@@ -170,6 +170,12 @@ Now CSE may transform to
But the WorkerInfo for f still says $wf, which is now dead! This won't
happen now that we don't look inside INLINEs (which wrappers are).
Note [CSE for case expressions]
case f x of y { pat -> ...let y = f x in ... }
Then we can CSE the inner (f x) to y. In fact 'case' is like a strict
let-binding, and we can use cseRhs for dealing with the scrutinee.
%* *
......@@ -226,7 +232,7 @@ cseExpr env (Coercion c) = Coercion (substCo (csEnvSubst env) c)
cseExpr _ (Lit lit) = Lit lit
cseExpr env (Var v) = lookupSubst env v
cseExpr env (App f a) = App (cseExpr env f) (tryForCSE env a)
cseExpr env (Tick t e) = Tick t (cseExpr env e)
cseExpr env (Tick t e) = Tick t (cseExpr env e)
cseExpr env (Cast e co) = Cast (cseExpr env e) (substCo (csEnvSubst env) co)
cseExpr env (Lam b e) = let (env', b') = addBinder env b
in Lam b' (cseExpr env' e)
......@@ -234,13 +240,14 @@ cseExpr env (Let bind e) = let (env', bind') = cseBind env bind
in Let bind' (cseExpr env' e)
cseExpr env (Case scrut bndr ty alts) = Case scrut' bndr'' ty alts'
alts' = cseAlts env' scrut' bndr bndr'' alts
scrut' = tryForCSE env scrut
(env', bndr') = addBinder env bndr
alts' = cseAlts env2 scrut' bndr bndr'' alts
(env1, bndr') = addBinder env bndr
bndr'' = zapIdOccInfo bndr'
-- The swizzling from Note [Case binders 2] may
-- cause a dead case binder to be alive, so we
-- play safe here and bring them all to life
(env2, scrut') = cseRhs env1 (bndr'', scrut)
-- Note [CSE for case expressions]
cseAlts :: CSEnv -> OutExpr -> InBndr -> InBndr -> [InAlt] -> [OutAlt]
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