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[project @ 2001-07-20 16:51:58 by simonpj]

Add test for newtypes
parent 80c2dd39
-- !!! Newtypes
-- This one made ghc 5.01 (after newtype squashing) fall over
-- by generating Core code that contained a pattern match on
-- the InPE data constructor (which doesn't exist)
module Main where
data Expr e = One e | Many [e]
newtype PExpr a = InPE (Expr (PExpr a), Int)
one :: Int -> PExpr e -> PExpr e
one l x = InPE (One (plus1 x), l)
plus1 :: PExpr a -> PExpr a
plus1 x@(InPE (_, loc)) = InPE (Many [plus1 x], loc)
get :: PExpr e -> Int
get (InPE (_,l)) = l
main = print (get (plus1 (InPE (Many [], 0))))
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