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[project @ 2003-08-05 12:41:44 by panne]

* Added QuickCheck package to docs
* Mention OpenGL/GLUT package for Hugs, too
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......@@ -39,6 +39,11 @@
monadic parser combinators.
<A HREF="QuickCheck/index.html"><TT>QuickCheck</TT></a>
automatic specification-based testing.
<A HREF="readline/index.html"><TT>readline</TT></a>
......@@ -95,12 +100,18 @@
and all the modules in the
<A HREF="haskell98/index.html"><TT>haskell98</TT></a>,
<A HREF="haskell-src/index.html"><TT>haskell-src</TT></a>,
<A HREF="network/index.html"><TT>network</TT></a> and
<A HREF="parsec/index.html"><TT>parsec</TT></a> packages.
<A HREF="network/index.html"><TT>network</TT></a>,
<A HREF="parsec/index.html"><TT>parsec</TT></a> and.
<A HREF="QuickCheck/index.html"><TT>QuickCheck</TT></a> packages.
Most of the modules in the <A HREF="unix/index.html"><TT>unix</TT></a>
package are supported too.
package are supported, too.
If the target platform supports OpenGL, the
<A HREF="OpenGL/index.html"><TT>OpenGL</TT></a> and
<A HREF="GLUT/index.html"><TT>GLUT</TT></a> packages are supported too.
All those modules are always available, as a single hierarchy;
Hugs does not use the package subdivision.
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