Commit 958d03f3 authored by's avatar

Fix build with DEBUG on

parent 794c2f4c
......@@ -1072,7 +1072,8 @@ exprIsConApp_maybe (Cast expr co)
let dump_doc = vcat [ppr dc, ppr dc_univ_tyvars, ppr dc_ex_tyvars,
ppr arg_tys, ppr dc_args, ppr _dc_univ_args,
ppr ex_args, ppr val_args]
ASSERT2( coreEqType from_ty (mkTyConApp dc_tc _dc_univ_args), dump_doc )
ASSERT2( coreEqType _from_ty (mkTyConApp dc_tc _dc_univ_args), dump_doc )
ASSERT2( all isTypeArg (ex_args ++ co_args), dump_doc )
ASSERT2( equalLength val_args arg_tys, dump_doc )
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