Commit 95bf7df4 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 2002-01-08 14:11:28 by sof]

adjust pointer to the RTS profiling options section
parent a536ea68
...@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ ...@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
<listitem> <listitem>
<para><option>+RTS <para><option>+RTS
-i<replaceable>seconds</replaceable></option> flag reinstated for heap -i<replaceable>seconds</replaceable></option> flag reinstated for heap
profiling. See <xref linkend="prof-rts-options">.</para> profiling. See <xref linkend="rts-options-heap-prof">.</para>
</listitem> </listitem>
<listitem> <listitem>
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