Commit 96219591 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Document :kind! in GHCi

parent b347eff0
......@@ -2256,14 +2256,18 @@ Prelude> :. cmds.ghci
<literal>:kind</literal> <replaceable>type</replaceable>
<para>Infers and prints the kind of
<replaceable>type</replaceable>. The latter can be an arbitrary
type expression, including a partial application of a type constructor,
such as <literal>Either Int</literal>.</para>
such as <literal>Either Int</literal>. If you specify the
optional "<literal>!</literal>", GHC will in addition normalise the type
by expanding out type synonyms and evaluating type-function applications,
and display the normalised result.</para>
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