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Fix two bugs in rule-matching

These two typo-like bugs have been there for a long time!

  One concerns the selection of overlapping rules, 
  which was back to front

  The other was name-lining-up bug in the Case case of matching

This patch also arranges to export matchN. 
  (Not a good name, but still!)
parent 8ddba0f1
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ module Rules (
mkSpecInfo, extendSpecInfo, addSpecInfo,
rulesOfBinds, addIdSpecialisations,
lookupRule, mkLocalRule, roughTopNames
) where
......@@ -239,7 +241,7 @@ findBest :: (Id, [CoreExpr])
findBest target (rule,ans) [] = (rule,ans)
findBest target (rule1,ans1) ((rule2,ans2):prs)
| rule1 `isMoreSpecific` rule2 = findBest target (rule1,ans1) prs
| rule2 `isMoreSpecific` rule1 = findBest target (rule1,ans1) prs
| rule2 `isMoreSpecific` rule1 = findBest target (rule2,ans2) prs
#ifdef DEBUG
| otherwise = pprTrace "Rules.findBest: rule overlap (Rule 1 wins)"
(vcat [ptext SLIT("Expression to match:") <+> ppr fn <+> sep (map ppr args),
......@@ -459,7 +461,7 @@ match menv subst e1 (Lam x2 e2)
match menv subst (Case e1 x1 ty1 alts1) (Case e2 x2 ty2 alts2)
= do { subst1 <- match_ty menv subst ty1 ty2
; subst2 <- match menv subst1 e1 e2
; let menv' = menv { me_env = rnBndr2 (me_env menv) x2 x2 }
; let menv' = menv { me_env = rnBndr2 (me_env menv) x1 x2 }
; match_alts menv' subst2 alts1 alts2 -- Alts are both sorted
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